Here are some interesting YouTube videos, from which I have learned quite a bit:

Mushballs on Jupiter.

Terrestrial meteorology is an intricate subject, so how about a planet which could be said to be largely made up of weather?  Here is an interesting video from an astrophysicist, in which I see details that are perhaps clearer to a (physical) chemist!

Ammonia and water mix in Jupiter’s atmosphere to give some pretty epic lightning and giant hail that have been dubbed “mushballs”.

I was a bit surprised when I heard her mention helium among the gases detectable on Jupiter by spectroscopy, and I did a little looking up.  Generally, the reported proportion of helium in Jupiter’s atmosphere is an estimate, but its specturm has been observed in the extreme ultaviolet following the impact of comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 in 1992, which produced temperatures high enough to ionize the element.  See:

EUVE Spectra of Jupiter and Io Torus



What Really Happened on The Day Dinosaurs Died - New Findings

This is one from Anton Petrov.  For a quick read, The deathbed of the dinosaurs: Dig uncovers 66 million-year-old 'fossilized graveyard' | Daily Mail Online tells of seismic stirring of a lake in North Dakota which occurred two or three hours before the tsunami from the Chicxulub impact reached Illinois.



The Unsung Mission That Made Apollo Possible - YouTube

How many readers remember the Surveyor moon probes which prepared the ground for the Apollo progam? Surveyor to the Moon (1966 - 1968) (NASA)



Einsteinium (new) - Periodic Table of Videos - YouTube

Einsteinium (element 99) was first discovered in the debris of the first hydrogen bomb test.   How they did this in the lab is today enough to make one’s hair stand on end.  Recently, chemists have discovered a remarkable complex with an einsteinium atom at the centre of each molecule.



And for a bit of fun:


Did President J F Kennedy really say he was a doughnut?


It turns out to be an urban myth generated by a well-known writer of spy novels and taken up and propagated by a well known American newspaper.


The video starts with about 9 minutes of background history, you can go to 9:30 for a concise grammatical explanation followed by revelation of the culprits.