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Hypatia was, if we are being honest, one of the sexiest women ever -  not because of looks, on that we have no clue, but because this fourth century citizen scientists discovered the sun was the center of the universe a thousand years before Copernicus did.  Smart women rule.

And, if you go for that sort of thing, she was a total pagan in a land of Christian expansion, and she kept boytoys around for her amusement.   

Rachel Weisz Hypatia
Ladies, are you tired of your significant other buying wargames and stupid cartoony things with fake Italian accents?    Wish the Wii could be more practical?   Here it is ... the Shii.

This disappeared from the Internet after I wrote Awesome Thanksgiving Science last year so I found an archive version before it disappears for good.

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In 1998, Christie's Auction House of London auctioned off a musty old prayer book for two million dollars. 

What they thought was just a prayer book contained Greek inscriptions and accompanying diagrams that turned out to be the only surviving copies of several works by Archimedes from over 2,000 years earlier. And the researchers discovered that Archimedes was working out principles that, centuries later, would form the heart of calculus and that he had a more sophisticated understanding of the concept of infinity than anyone had realized.