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Scientific American has basically fired all of its online columnists and seems to want to emulate (without the pesky ethical angst - they are part of a multi-billion dollar company) so this sort of controversy-for-its-own sake is what their audience can look forward to - legitimizing superstitious, irrational nonsense and claiming it is a discussion point.   In reality, it is whoring-for-pageviews, though it will certainly work.

Does your son like musicals?   Daughter a tomboy?   
And, curiously enough, the age-old homophobic fears of parents seem to have some genuine predictive currency.
It used to be that CGI was cool, now it makes the accomplishments of creative people more special.   Tonya Kay is on my Tweetypages whatever thing because she does cool knife throwing and she was in "Secret Girlfriend", the funniest show that will never get renewed, and she recently posted this about a new video:
Check out my choreography and performance with fellow Lalas Burlesque dancer, Janelle Dote, in the new 3OH!3 "Double Vision" music video:

daft punk inspired choreography demands lots of body "make up"

all my choreography was done lying down to get the effect the director wished to achieve


Sep 16 2010 | comment(s)

Nature Network's Lee Turnpenny on leaving research:

Whole piece
But I don't blame anyone else for my ineptitude/erroneousness. If I was better at it, then I'd feel more secure - and would enjoy it more... and hence be better at it.Because I do love science. But it's not about me; it's about money; and science doesn't owe me a living.

Pancakes and prayers — have we reached a point where even those two can’t get along?

Frankly, yes. So praise the Lord and pass the syrup, the International House of Pancakes and International House of Prayer are fixing to throw down.
If this doesn't get a Nobel prize, you can bet there will be two letters to Congress.

Deep-fried beer invented in Texas - A chef in Texas has created what he claims is the world's first recipe for deep-fried beer.
While many of the scientists who made atom bombs during the cold war became famous, the men who filmed what happened when those bombs were detonated made up a secret corps.

The NY Times gets this one right.
Citing federal powers that apply to the health insurance mandate – the power to regulate interstate commerce and the power to tax – Gostin argues that the health insurance mandate is constitutional. Similar broad interpretations in the modern court have enabled virtually anything the federal government wants to do, from requiring preferred testing for minorities to drug laws - it's a guaranteed federal, private right of action as long as the Supreme Court continues to affirm it and ignores the 10th Amendment.
Women tend to accept the scientific consensus on global warming more than men, according to a study by a Michigan State University researcher. The findings ('The effects of gender on climate change knowledge and concern in the American public', Population&Environment, 2010, Volume 32, Number 1, Pages 66-87), challenge common perceptions that men are more scientifically literate, said sociologist Aaron M. McCright.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of, you know, the party that cares more about the environment than Republicans, drove up to the Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada with a fleet of SUVs.

Now, we are going to hear the same excuses we heard when Al Gore arrived in Berkeley with a fleet of SUVs and pickups only to do his photo-op in a Prius a few years back - it's essential for security.    But to little people, that's how heads of government and CEOs who care about the environment refer to folks who work for a living, it just sounds like rules only apply to ... little people.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs got tagged by Kansai International Airport security when a scan revealed shuriken (throwing stars) in his carry-on luggage.

The funny thing; he was boarding his own private jet after a family vacation in Kyoto.  It wouldn't make sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane, said The Steve, but they took them from him anyway and he vowed never to return to Japan, according to reports.

So maybe he wouldn't hijack his own plane but he was clearly worried ninjas would and The Steve would need to rescue everyone.  I hope they at least let him keep the nunchaku.

Boxee, the television watching device that looks like someone broke a cube and left it on your table, is available for pre-order at Amazon.

Richard Dawkins has an irrational hatred of religion and zealotry is always creepy but when he remains rational, like in this talk with Deepak Chopra about Chopra's claims that quantum theory can heal people, there is no one better.

"It's a metaphor," Chopra says, before backtracking and speaking some mumbo jumbo about the observer effect and that physicists say it's possible to do ... well, I don't know what it will do.  And neither does he.

Peter Woit writes: Stephen Hawking has a new book out this week, called "The Grand Design" and written with Leonard Mlodinow, in which he effectively announces that he has given up on the traditional goals of fundamental physics in favor of anthropic arguments invoking a multiverse.

Instead, tired old M-theory is getting the nod.   But there is also the issue of the potential damage caused by this to the cause of science funding in Britain ...
Part of the NSF and NFL's 10-part "Science of NFL Football" series.   This one on projectile motion.  Lester Holt is clearly out of his skin doing this stuff but it's good NBC is - they can always get Garth Sundem or someone else from Science 2.0 to do the color commentary if this catches on.
I've never seen high heels with flippers before, but that is what is great about the Internet ...

I am betting there are more readers of this site who have worn flippers than high heels but the odds are with me in contending none of you have worn both at the same time.

Manolo's Shoe Blog has the details, including solving the mystery of who the designer was
The popular web-based RSS reader and news aggregator Bloglines will discontinue service on Friday, October 1. The team that operates the site has essentially said that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook killed it.
Camille Paglia, America's foremost cultural critic, demolishes a sort-of, modern-day, fabricated icon:
She told a magazine with messianic fervour: “I love my fans more than any artist who has ever lived.” She claims to have changed the lives of the disabled, thrilled by her jewelled parody crutches in the Paparazzi video.
Although she presents herself as the clarion voice of all the freaks and misfits of life, there is little evidence that she ever was one. Her upbringing was comfortable and eventually affluent, and she attended the same upscale Manhattan private school as Paris and Nicky Hilton.
A quest to get Barack Obama to shout his commitment to solar power from the roof tops - by re-installing vintage solar panels at the White House - ended in disappointment for environmental campaigners today.

Yet it isn't right for him but is right for you, so subsidies for solar power will again be in the next round of 'stimulus' funding.   Let's get those solar power installers back to work!
You would think a guy would be grateful, but a paper from Cornell graduate student, Christin Munsch, says something entirely different.
A federal appeals court ruled today that federal financing of embryonic stem cell research could continue while the court considers a judge's order last month that banned the government from underwriting the work