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Quick, how many coronavirus pandemics have there been?

A. 1
B. 3
C. A lot

The answer is obviously, if you read here, C. We have no way to know how many coronavirus pandemics there have been because we didn't even parse it out from the common cold family until the 1960s. We know there were two coronavirus pandemics, SARS and MERS, in the 16 years prior to COVID-19 but we don't know before then how many had happened and were just called 'flu' or were regular respiratory distress that put people with co-morbidities on ventilators or killed them and were labeled as one of the co-morbidies.
There is little reason to wonder why so many didn't trust government approval of the COVID-19 vaccine; the public hadn't trusted government science decision-making for decades prior to that, vaccine deniers had simply switched from Democrats to Republicans.

The reason distrust is so endemic is because of epidemiological hype and media outlets treating it like it is science, rather than noting that correlation is placed over in the EXPLORATORY pile and maybe interesting enough for science to prove. 
Electric cars are great on paper; if electricity is powered by solar and wind, and mining and maintenance can be done reasonably, it is an environmental win.

Yet despite $4 trillion in subsidies for solar and wind, 80 percent of electricity is still from conventional energy, and that means if electric cars don't have good range, they are worse for the environment than conventional automobiles. The electricity is generated from regular sources, then sent over transmission lines inefficiently, then often converted to 110 volts with losses, then stored in a battery that decreases in efficiency quickly.
It is popular for some political activists to lament the modern Supreme Court(1) but the 1970s and '80s Supreme Court had 5 justices to the left of Sotomayor. That led to a lot of bad law.

For trust in science the worst thing from that dark period was their ruling in 1984's Chevron U.S.A., Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc., 467 U.S. 837, now commonly called "Chevron deference." 

The decision was so lopsided toward government, and therefore the environmental groups that collude with career government employees, that it gave the White House the power to create laws without needing Congress. It meant that a government agency could create regulations that act like laws if it was in their "mandate."
An American Heart Association article ranks 10 diets in its Circulation in-house journal and they are about what you expect; keto bad, vegetables good, despite all the money they get from beef trade groups.
The Biden administration wants to make sure its policy of banning conventional cars succeeds, which means getting Americans to buy electric ones.

Which is why the ironically named Inflation Reduction Act gives everyone $7500 toward an electric car. Mandates and subsidies are always the road to success, right? Not really, unless you are still using CFL bulbs that the government spent billions on. They instead add to costs because everyone has access to more money but a limited supply. This is such simple economics even Paul Krugman can understand it.
Maurice Wilkins, the ‘third man of the double helix’, was at King's College London with Rosalind Franklin during the worldwide race to uncover the structure of DNA. He shared the Nobel Prize with Watson and Crick of Cambridge and in the 2000s, it became common to insist that Rosalind Franklin had been cheated, hinting it was some patriarchal thing.(1)

Denying her agency never made any sense. She was recruited because of her brilliance, but she had a personality and an ego like many great scientists, and her dislike of Wilkins may have clouded her judgment. She never saw what Watson and Wilkins believed and what Watson and Crick did find - almost a year after she dismissed it.
$8.5 billion doesn't get you a lot when it comes to replacing conventional energy with solar and wind. In the case of South Africa, one closed coal plant, and concerns that they may want to push delays in closing more farther down the timeline.
A Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) assessment finds that most government regulations of genetically engineered foods are a political solution in search of a scientific problem. Mutagenesis, for example, not only doesn't need 15 years of assessment and public comment, it is routinely certified "organic" - despite being created by chemical and radiation baths to force mutations until a beneficial one occurs. Meaning they are far less precise than modern technology like CRISPR-Cas9, GMOs, and RNAi, which governments politically allied activists all strangely call "GMOs" and proactively ban.
In 2014, under what politicians declared as pressure from the private sector and very much wanting the public to feel like government was showing 'leadership' in space issues, the 
European Space Agency told government employees to make an Ariane 6 rocket - but on a budget.

Which meant using mostly old stuff from Ariane 5. They gave it a generous 2020 launch target. 

It is 2023 and they are not even close. The price tag has already doubled. ESA, which is generally a lot more efficient than NASA in the US, got caught up in the political grift that adding new countries to the EU brings - everyone somehow wants more money back from the project than they put in, rather than just France and Germany getting the wealth.
EPA Administrator Michael Regan appeared before the House Committee on Agriculture, the first EPA head to do so since 2016, to defend the Biden administration's efforts to increase regulations on American farmers, including a Waters of the United States expansion to regulate ponds and streams for the third time in a decade.

Since Republicans currently hold the majority the chair seat is theirs but many on both sides are long-standing members, or have constituencies reliant on farming. I was not testifying or asking any questions so I watched from my office in California. I basically watched all of it so you don't have to do so.
After someone with mental health issues shoots up a business, the recurring theme from gun ban activists is to say it's a 'red' state problem. Meaning Republicans. And thus the NRA and everything democracy's oppose.

All fine, that's just politics, Republicans turn it around and note that if Democrats would stop shooting people, mass shootings would drop by 90 percent. The NRA notes their members haven't been involved in any of the mass of shooting ever. 
Last year, the Biden administration decided to boost the US wind sector by giving cheap leases to Democratic donors, much the same way the Obama administration did when they turned over 5,000,000 acres of federal land to produce ethanol.

The areas that career bureaucrats chose were the coasts of North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.
America is the world leader in science, yet we are also the world leader in organic food, supplements, the wellness industry, and prescription medication consumption.

One more recent bit of anti-science woo-based lumpiness is a new flavor of "endocrine disruption" homeopathy; adrenal fatigue. Do you have it? Like an astrology reading, everyone can recognize something that makes them think it's real, but it is just gibberish.

Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus are brand names for semaglutide, a hormone which stimulates insulin.

It's led to a lot of weight loss, despite the disclaimer that it is not for weight loss. It is for truly obese people, to help them get to a healthier weight because they feel like they lack impulse control, but it is being used by those who want to drop 10 or 15 lbs. before beach holidays.
Though there are routine claims that women only make 70 percent of what men do, that is a population-level statistic that isn't personally meaningful. Yes, in environmentalism women are grossly underpaid but in engineering there is no difference.

The reason it first became an abused and misused statistic is that men work outside the home more. They were making only slightly more per hour and when longevity was controlled for it was a difference that was only meaningful if you were being shorted.
Germany began to abandon nuclear energy after media hype due to a 2011 tsunami and resulting reactor meltdown in Japan. The United States was not immune, we had academics claiming they detected radiation on the west coast almost immediately.
Collagen supplements are a current fad, thanks to epidemiologists abusing statistics. No one is better at that than the Harvard TS Chan School of Public Health, the American 'Mecca of Woo.'  Hardly a week goes by without them endorsing some new miracle vegetable or diet, or trying to scare people about a trace chemical. 

Yet even Harvard notes that collagen is a useless supplement with no clinical trials, just industry marketing campaigns similar to organic food and coffee enemas.

The Chips and Science Act was passed last year because regulations and a hostile business client for any company not in the white collar 'service' business caused the US share of global semiconductor manufacturing to drop by half since 1990.
Acknowledging that states would have to "expend unrecoverable resources complying with a rule unlikely to withstand judicial scrutiny", U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Hovland has blocked the Biden administration's expansion of "Waters of the United States" control over farms using the Environmental Protection Agency. 

The actual Waters of the United States have long been protected, the new rule the Biden administration resurrected in December hopes to turn any body of water that can be linked to a larger body into something under federal - and therefore easily weaponized by environmental lawyers - control using the Clean Water Act.