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Expanded federal involvement in agriculture using expanded definitions of "waters of the United States" to cover tiny streams and even small ponds has led to a majority of US states fighting in court against Washington, DC.

U.S. District Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown has granted an injunction against the Biden administration for Idaho and Texas.

It makes little sense to consider any of them WOTUS, since no American ship is traveling on them, nor could they. The White House is instead arguing because small streams can feed into larger rivers they all fall under the new definition. 
The United Nations, which was basically last to acknowledge the COVID-19 pandemic and even said allegations it originated in Wuhan were racist, has never stopped promoting every alternative to an accidental lab leak - and alleging any other discussion was racism.
After the East Palestine derailment, government officials in states have been worried that eco-terrorists will also ramp up their efforts to sabotage energy infrastructure while media attention is high.

Utah just became the 19th state to pass the infrastructure equivalent of a hate crimes law; HB 370 provides greater penalties for environmentalists who damage railroads, energy plants, pipelines, or infrastructure leading to those. Utah had already been concerned after attacks during the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in 2017 so a judge can now sentence those caught attempting to go beyond peaceful protests to five years in prison.
Fresh off his single "Humanity has become a weapon of mass extinction", United Nations Secretary-General and proud socialist Antonio Guterres has debuted his follow-up “Humanity is on thin ice", backed up by his in-house group, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - who had their own big hit when they told us the Himalayas would be melted by 2035 in its Fourth Assessment Report,
If you own an electric car in America, you paid a premium to do a good work; save the planet from CO2 emissions.

Except perhaps not. Unless you are a wealthy elite who can spend $60,000 on a car and $25,000 on solar panels (government subsidies funded by poor people aside) 80 percent of your electricity probably came from conventional energy, like natural gas, anyway.
Once Big Tobacco wrote out tens of billions of dollars in checks in a settlement brought on by their efforts to suppress the risks of cigarettes and cancer, lawyers pivoted to a war on all nicotine.

There is no evidence nicotine is harmful compared to something like caffeine, it is certainly nowhere near as harmful as a legitimate carcinogen like alcohol, but we suddenly got claims about second-hand smoke - still unsubstantiated - being as risky as smoking and even third-hand smoke - PM2.5 left on objects after smoking - all thanks to the statistical miracle-maker known as agenda-driven epidemiology.
Harvard biologist David Sinclair is so convinced he has the secret to staying 'biologically young' that he *ta da* sells it. And it is all things you can buy. Or do.

He is mostly vegetarian and mostly doesn't drink. Okay, a moderate diet and exercise, you don't need a degree for that, you just need to have read "Readers Digest" any time since 1963. He looks young and perhaps always will, but just like someone may buy some brand Kim Kardashian sells, it doesn't mean they will look like her, it is an aspirational purchase. He knows that but wants to sell you stuff anyway.
If you don't trust medicine but you do believe in psychics, astrology, and organic food, you are likely to do a lot of stuff that makes no sense, especially not to actual scientists at FDA who probably wish President Clinton had never legitimized that kind of garbage, but how goofy does it have to be when even Gwyneth Paltrow, Guru To The Alternative World, says it's pretty weird.

Apparently sticking ozone in your anus.
A recent op-ed argues that the way to curb climate change is to invoke Malthus, or at least 20th century progressives like Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and economist John Maynard Keynes and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes who all believed that retreating to the past was the only way to protect the future - well, the future for white elites, anyway.

The ultimate state control of culture in the name of progress was not the National Socialists in Germany or the Fascists of Italy, it was the Soviet Union under communism. Communists fought to gain ground everywhere, Mussolini fought them in Italy and won, Hitler fought them in Spain and won(1) but they succeeded in a lot of other countries, which ultimately meant failure.
The World Health Organisation, fresh off nodding along while China claimed SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 pandemic resulted from American frozen food rather than their fake BSL rating at a Wuhan lab, is getting back to business as usual; manufacturing problems using suspect epidemiology.

They are claiming salt is killing millions per year, and Washington Post is readily repeating it (look for 'women, minorities impacted most' to appear soon) despite there being no scientific evidence it is true.
Do you want protection from changes that would increase competition and threaten your profits? Who wouldn't? 

That does not make it better for everyone else. 
In the 1980s, "transhumanism" had an air of truthiness because digital became all the rage. Left out of that inconvenient math was that in order to digitize a human brain you'd need CDs as tall as a skyscraper.

This never stopped Ray Kurzweil from saying the singularity was just around the corner. The corner being 25 years from whenever he was speaking. 
France made wine famous - the prominent chemist Louis Pasteur set out to solve the spoilage problem the domestic wine industry faced and his success set off an international craze- but they didn't make it first.
During the Obama administration, the government rightly exposed how Russia was using offshore donor advised funds to send dark money support to American environmental groups and NGOs undermining US science in energy and food, Russia's two biggest exports.
An environmental activist switched to an electric car. It cost $50,000, but wealthier people are fine with that if it is saving the planet, and she got a $7,500 rebate overwhelmingly paid for by poor people who can't afford electric cars. She says she did it because flowers are blooming two weeks early.
A new analysis of energy use involving conventional fuels shows greenhouse gas emissions in the UK went down 3.4 percent. The bulk of that drop came due to coal but above-average temperatures helped. Unfortunately, so did record-high fuel prices, which means quality of life may have declined for the poor.

Certainly there has been no end to protests in the UK about the cost of energy but overall the economy has survived, which is proof that economies and conventional energy can be "decoupled."
Last weekend, 46 University of Massachusetts Amherst students were hospitalized after participating in a drinking game popularized by China's second most dangerous export this century, TikTok. 

The idea behind these "blackout rage gallons" - BRGs, pronounced "borgs" - is that a gallon of water and electrolytes will mitigate the after-effects of drinking 16 shots of a known carcinogenic central nervous system depressant. 
In early March of 2020, I was aghast that the newest James Bond film might be postponed due to the pandemic. It seemed an overreaction.

It is not that I denied there was a disease, I noted the death of a Chinese "Wuhan Flu" whistleblower when corporate media still said that concerns and calls to ban travel were racist and xenophobia. It is because I believed the science community had the best interests of the public at heart instead of politics, for once.
The US Army teaches by rote. Every basic thing will be taught and taught again. In preparation for the test, they tell you what will be on the test, then they teach to the test, then you take the test, and you keep on taking it until you pass the test.

They need everyone to have a fundamental understanding of many things and in all cases, it works. The US Army wants no one left behind, they want everyone to have a baseline and then exceptional people will be exceptional. 

American public education has one thing in common - like the military it is government employees - but that is where it ends. Unlike the military, educators don't have standards. They don't want to be accountable if someone does poorly. 
Now that the Biden Department of Energy and his FBI have stated a lab leak in Wuhan is a plausible SARS-CoV-2 scenario, you hear a lot less about such claims being racist and xenophobic.

In 2020, though, such smears were common. I was not the only one to note that researchers had previously been convicted of selling lab animals to the Wuhan wet market and that China had taken down its coronavirus database and scrubbed the Wuhan wet market clean for nine months before letting a Beijing-picked team of UN investigators visit. For just four hours of pre-approved questions under the supervision of Chinese officials.