Germany began to abandon nuclear energy after media hype due to a 2011 tsunami and resulting reactor meltdown in Japan. The United States was not immune, we had academics claiming they detected radiation on the west coast almost immediately.

Now that Germany's final nuclear plant is offline the World Wildlife Federation is bragging about their win over science, but what they leave out is how much their agenda has hurt the poor. Energy is 34 percent more expensive, and energy costs are very much a regressive tax. Despite her degree in science, former chancellor Angela Merkel caved in to environmentalists and changed her stance from it being "nonsense" to shut German nuclear energy down - there is no tsunami happening there, no matter what climate change model IPCC uses - and agreed to scuttle them. 2,000 protesters against science for every one on the sane side is going to win every time. 

Greenpeace protesters cheering the end of emissions-free energy had to do so with increasingly important coal plants firing in the background. What had to be kept running anyway, because solar and wind are so inconsistent, are now vital to Germans with the new fossil fuel pipeline they had expedited to go around Ukraine now on hold because of the political optics of cutting out Ukraine from importance, though that is what Germans had planned since 2014.

Forget the geopolitics, the biggest concern remain the poor, and in Germany that is brown and black people. As usual, white environmental NGO employees don't care about that, they just want to win.