Always wanted to fight actual hordes of locusts and see what that whole Sodom place was all about?

You're in luck.  The Bible Online, a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, is coming this September.

Stupid me, I have spent the better part of a year planning a massively multiplayer science game, wherein you compete against a bunch of other people to discover new stuff and advance society, never considering that it might be culturally acceptable to create a game based on The Bible - but the Germans invented Protestantism so they have a long history of sticking it to organized religion.  They can't have a Nazi flag in a game but they can turn Christianity into a video game without peril.   Enter Fiaa GmbH , a Germany company founded in 2009 and devoted to online games.

Sounds fun?   You tell me.   I can't even create an account to sign up for the beta because it says I am in the wrong 'region' which means, yes, California is officially a third world country and ranks somewhere below Lichtenstein in desirability to Germans, so I have two questions for those of you who can sign up:

1) If my character dies, will it take 3 days for him to come back to life?

2) Will I have power boosts or enhancements that will allow me to turn another player into a pillar of salt? Also, a +3 Vorpal Cane of Shepherding would be something to brag about so let me know if cool weapons are available.

The first chapter of the game is to be called Heroes and goes into open beta September 6th and this site says will follow the book of Genesis as you guide Abraham and his people to the Promised Land.

Bible Online MMO screenshots