Can we get three cheers for psychology?  The bulk of the quality researchers in the field have consistently been under fire because of researchers like Satoshi Kanazawa and Marc Hauser but have started taking their discipline back.

Circling the wagons around researchers was never a good idea but, well, things happen and psychologists are people too.  Yet over the last year they have begun clearing out the ranks and now Dutch social psychologist Diederik Stapel, who runs the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research, has been sacked.

You won't find a lot of articles about Stapel's research on Science 2.0 - seriously, eating meat makes people boorish? - but mainstream media loved the guy, along with vegans who want to manipulate science to their culture. Really, what will we do without studies claiming scientists are more likely to discriminate if their lab is messy

Science 2.0 is showing itself to be science for the next 2,000 years because in all of the cases I have mentioned, it is young psychologists who stood up to big names and made the outside world aware of their problems.   These same young researchers we are consistently told got a terrible science education even though science scores are up at least aren't lacking in integrity. 

Here's hoping they can do quality research that goes beyond finding we have better table manners in a restaurant.