Conservatives, who generally agree on the value of individual freedom, want the government to limit marijuana.   Progressives, who generally agree on the value of big government, don't want the government to limit marijuana.

Conservatives, who generally agree on the merits of capitalism, like genetically modified organisms, as long as they aren't researched using human embryonic stem cells and curing people of serious illnesses.   Progressives, who generally dislike capitalism unless it is the magical sort that works in a world where regulation of fossil fuels and mandates and subsidies for lousy alternative solutions from 1600 A.D. will still allow capitalism to flourish, dislike genetically modified organisms because they hate science.

Given this political landscape, I have learned of a product that will bring both political fringes together; genetically modified marijuana.   

Conservatives will like it if it makes Monsanto rich and progressives will like it because, you know, they are stoners.    That sounds like 100 percent voter approval to me.

As always, Colombians are part of the scientific avant garde.  They have embraced science in a way no one in America has and created lines of GMO marijuana that are more robust and have increased concentration of THC, 18 percent levels compared to supposedly better 'organic' marijuana that has only two to seven percent.   Some of it even goes by the name "Creepy."

It gets better.  Both conservatives and progressives care about poor people, right?  Well,  GMO marijuana wins there also.  It sells for 100,000 pesos per kilo - 10 times what cuddly pot farmers can get for ordinary marijuana.  Good luck getting that kind of scratch growing bananas and coffee, even if they claim it's organic.

And unlike organic bananas and coffee, GMO marijuana doesn't spoil so easily.   You know what that means?   Fewer emissions because a lot more arrives safely.  That's a win for global warming too.