If you're inclined to follow print media, and live in the Sacramento area, and came down on the side of Sacramento Magazine in the great SacMag/SacTown (1) War, you might be interested to know they did a profile of us in their July issue.

There's no online version, which would seem to be a strategic error.    Local company+1 million readers = bonus traffic.   

Maybe they have it on some sort of delay.  Anyway, I can't put a link here because there is no link yet but here is a screenshot snippet I assume is okay under fair use.    An hour and a half conversation got distilled down to a few paragraphs but that is the life of a journalist, I suppose.

Scientific Blogging in Sacramento magazine

I like the title.   "Science Gets Social" is a good way to describe us.   And I got a kick out of "world class scientists scramble to be on the site" too.  I could never have written that with a straight face.    'Scramble' is an action verb I hope we see more of in 2009, as opposed to 2008's overdone science journalism clichés.

I certainly am happy if more people scramble on over.   I won't be satisfied until we have completely revolutionized science communication.

Anyway, thanks Sacramento Magazine.  I feel so corporate now.  


(1) Seriously, people are not kidding around.   I asked a few people if they read Sacramento Magazine and their otherwise friendly demeanor turned icy as they told me they read SacTown instead.    I haven't seen that much "you are with us or against us" vitriol since people went to war over "Son Volt"/"Wilco" affiliations following the demise of "Uncle Tupelo".