Did you know that when you drink water, you are not really being vegetarian?

I didn't either. It turns out that when you drink water, it could have microbes and other small stuff - well, I knew that part. What I did not know is that viruses and bacteria and such were considered animals to vegetarians. So even if you purify water by boiling it and killing the germs, you are still drinking dead animals.

What to do for truly ethical water drinkers? Now you have the solution, the Prestige Lifestraw.

I guess this is real - it's hard to say, I assume most medicinal and health products originating in Asia were created on a dare - but the Prestige LifeStraw says not only will it kill the animals in water, like bacteria, protozoan cysts and viruses, it will then remove them too. No more animals carcasses!

It uses no electricity and no chemicals but retains all minerals - whew, I was worried minerals and salts would turn out to be animals too. I'd have to stop eating that Non-GMO Project Rock Salt.

Credit and link: MNN and Shea Gunther's friend Jes, who took the picture.

Their filter must be worth the $50, because 131,000 people have liked their product on Facebook. If you are a Jain and won't walk on the grass in India, you are the target market.

This won't fool the truly aware environmentally conscious types in America, even if it says "Highest Purity of water purification - Passes the US EPA standard", because they know something people in India may not, and that doesn't show in Big Water advertising claims - water contains a dangerous chemical known as dihydrogen monoxide.

H/T Neatorama