January 10th came and went last week. Did you notice? Perhaps you did if losing weight was part of your New Year's Resolution.

Because chances are that by day 10 you were off the wagon.

What could you give up for the entire year?  New survey results show that Facebook and Twitter are easy to cast off but pizza, potato chips and french fries are far more difficult. Of the 1,000 individuals in the American general population surveyed,  25 percent said the loss of social media would make 2013 difficult while 39 percent said giving up pizza and other favorite foods would be hardest.

48 percent said the desire for pizza was strong within 15 days of their resolution. This is in line with conspiracy theories claiming that delicious food instead has an addictive chemical that makes you crave it fortnightly, as evidenced by "So I Married An Axe Murderer":

40 percent of those surveyed who didn't fulfill their resolution to eat healthier last year blame pizza for their slip-ups. When it comes to said slip-ups, 79 percent attribute them to either pizza (the 40 percent mentioned) or fried foods (39 percent).  

Pizza companies know this so it is no surprise that the Sbarro company hired Kelton Research group to conduct this online survey between December 27th, 2012 and January 1st, 2013.  It gave them the chance to tell conflicted dieters about their Sbarro Skinny Slice, now in stores to make your willpower wobble. It's 270 calories per slice and has peppers, mushrooms and onions and a little bit of cheese. 

That pizza is sure to make most scientists lose weight. It has no meat. But if you have to have pizza and it doesn't matter if it's pizza you will like, go for it. Just don't eat a whole pie.