Just a little weekend tidbit, art from the science world. Sometimes, during talks, I'll see art where others see just a data or figure. Here are two cases from a recent conference that I love.

This one could be called "Relationship between a CME-driven shock and a coronal metric type II burst", excerpted, from Y. Liu. But I prefer to call it 'sunset on the sea':

data as art

If you click on the image, you can see the full data plot, taken (without forewarning to the scientists) from their online powerpoint slides.

This one is either "STEREO small ICME activity" by K.E.J. Huttunen, or "butterflies".

data as art

Currently, I'm comparing two different models for an erupting CME, one an idealized fluxrope 'loop' and the other a direct reconstruction of the data. Neither evokes the real world such as the two above, n or do they have sufficient information density to give the stronger pallet of the other datas. In short, they're ugly and jaggy. But it is fun to look at data in different ways. Which color is better?

data as art data as art
Until next week,