The first Squid-A-Day is my very own study organism: Dosidicus gigas, the Humboldt squid! They seem to be mellowing out as they move north; after causing serious media hullabaloo in San Diego all summer, they squeezed only six sentences out of the Associated Press with their arrival in Washington State.

The AP gets kudos for calling Humboldts "large" not "giant" (giant squid are an entirely different species) and knowing that they eat "small fish" not "humans" (as other sensationalist news outlets have sometimes claimed).

However, the statement that "The[y] get sluggish and die in cold water" missed fact checking as well as copy editing. There's no scientific evidence for that claim. In fact, Humboldt squid routinely migrate down to cold, deep water to do their hunting, so Washington's 59°F surf needn't pose any kind of problem.