Okay, even though nobody commented on my post about the Ocean Bloggers Challenge (funding marine science for classrooms in need), enough donations have accrued to completely fund one of the projects: Invertebrates in my Tank! So, as a thank-you to all these people, here is another squid cartoon.

Apparently this comic was the result of a New Yorker captioning contest. This interview with the contest winner is almost as funny as the cartoon itself.
The one regret I have about winning the cartoon-caption contest is that
it unmasks me as the sort of person who enters cartoon-caption contests.
Hee. Anyway, he does pretty good on squid anatomy (he knows that they have eight arms) until commenting that the squid "has a custom-fit chef’s hat on."

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I'm pretty sure that is just its mantle. Normal squid anatomy is to have a head that fits into the opening of the mantle, so the mantle "lip" can be seen all around the head. The two parts are fused together in various ways depending on the squid.