Suspect Object Identified?

News of a mystery object washed up on Haa Alif atoll Baarah southern beach has been wrongly linked to the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Ailines Flight MH370.

It appears to me that it is something rarely seen these days outside of a museum: a polyphase mercury arc rectifier.  From the distribution of the components it is probably 6 phase.  It is certainly some kind of pressure vessel.  That would point equally to some kind of fire-suppression component or some kind of evacuated vessel.

Examine this image:

It looks like a pressure vessel: note the stress-relieving bevels.

It has a "scar" resembling the final anode location on a cathode ray tube.

This next image shows wires apparently coming from terminals.

Wikipedia article on mercury arc rectifiers.

The greatest hazard posed by this mystery object is - if I am correctly identifying it - the mercury it contains.  Nasty stuff!
Images taken from PPruNe, h/t user
Lost in Saigon

Suggestions welcome - especially if written on a $100 bill.