Debris Find - Likely Came From A Caravan

Yet another mystery object turns out to be unrelated to missing flight MH370.

FAIRFAX Media has received photos of the debris found near Augusta which investigators have since confirmed is not linked to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

Mat Franklin and his son discovered the debris on Easter Monday four kilometres from Augusta.  

Augusta-Margaret River Mail

There is a lot of debris in the oceans and the chance of any of it turning out to be from MH370 is exceedingly slim.  The complexity of the ocean currents in the area where the plane was most likely lost, taken together with winds and tidal currents, reduces the chances of finding relevant evidence even in well-defined search areas.  The likelihood of any randomly found debris being from MH370 is, in my considered opinion, vanishingly small.

My first reaction on seeing the photos was that this was aluminium cladding on wood from a caravan, trailer or similar.  Planes and other similar lightweight structures don't often incorporate wood framing because of its weight.  On the other hand, wood tends to be much cheaper than aluminium and so is quite frequently used for the framing of caravans, trailers and truck bodies.

It may be of some significance that there are three caravan parks in the region where the debris was found.

A quick Google search for images of caravan wreckage produced this link to PPruNe.  Thanks guys!  A special tip of the hat to ORAC for the video link.