Going...going...Obama's "Clean Power Plan" Unlikely to See the Light of Day

In an unprecedented decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has sort-of overruled a lower Circuit Court's...

Rogue EPA Wants to Run Our Country

I couldn't help but laugh — one has to, or cry: the headline read, "EPA looks to build on 2015...

NYTimes Exposé Aims At Toxic Chemical, Hits OCD Lawyer Instead

The New York Times continues its grand tradition of always letting its ideology trump sound science...

America's Great Leap Forward: Watermelon Environmentalism

Pre-test Q: What in blue blazes does he mean by that? (Answer at the end)**A commenter pointed...

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MD from NYU School of Medicine 1972. Medical training (Internal medicine) at NYU-Bellevue and Jacobi-Bronx Municipal NYC, rheumatology and IM boards (75 and 78) after Montefiore fellowship. Private... Read More »

In order to save you-all the trouble of poring over the 2000 page Omnibus Budget bill passed last week, let me point out some of its issue of concern:
Introduction: A covert alliance forged of mutual interest has declared victory after the recently-concluded Paris climate conclave issued its final accord, garnering almost 200 national signatories. Do they have reason to celebrate — or are their gleeful press statements meant to cover up the real shortfalls of this agreement? 

Not content with blathering about the politics of soda and the urgent need to label GMO-containing food to protect America's consumers from science, Prof. M.

The latest nonsense from the NYTimes comes in the form of an op-ed by the noted chef and restaurateur, Tom Colicchio. Mr. C.

I recently came across an interesting article syndicated through the DC-based "Tribune News Service" by Evan Halper, formerly an LATimes correspondent. Entitled "Nuclear pitched as the new green," it immediately caught my attention for a variety of reasons:

When the NYTimes' columnist, Nicholas Kristof, writes based upon his experiences and observations among the impoverished and exploited women and children of the third world, he is resonant and inspirational.