Now and then I find the time to write music for piano. It is a compelling, satisfying activity that however demands my full immersion for several hours at a time - if I want anything to come out from it. It happened again last Sunday, when I spent the whole day at the keyboard of the beautiful Yamaha C3 artistic edition I bought last year (and am still paying). But in truth, the work is only initially at the keyboard of the piano: after having taken note of a few themes and ideas, the activity switches to a software called Finale, which enables one to write sheet music and check it through a synthesizer that lets you hear what you wrote sounds like without having to go back and forth to the piano. 
The result of my day of full immersion is available for listening [ here ] 

I hope you will listen to it and comment below - I think there is still some work to do as I chose some non-conventional scheme (the theme repeats in a tonality which is only one tone above the original, which is a bit odd, and there are some repetitions that I do like but might be frowned upon). Overall, though, I do like it...

I might have a chance to play this piece live at a conference I am attending in Crete in September, but I need to find some time to study it first! The concert includes 13 chamber music pieces for piano and voice (soprano), plus three piano solo pieces. I will have more to tell about that as we near the event.