The "Art&Science" project is coming to the final phase as far as the activities in Venice are concerned. About 100 15 to 17-year-old students from high schools in Venice have assisted to lessons on particle physics and the Higgs boson in the past months, and have been challenged to produce, alone or in groups of up to three, artistic compositions inspired by what they had learned. This resulted in 38 artworks, many of which are really interesting. The 17 best works will be exposed at the Palazzo del Casinò of the Lido of Venice, the site of the international EPS conference, next July 5-12, and the three best among them will receive prizes during a public event on July 8th, in presence of the CERN director general Fabiola Gianotti.
Here I would like to mention that all the 38 works are being published on the web site of the AMVA4NewPhysics network, the EU-funded innovative-training network I coordinate. The network sponsors the project by offering the prizes to the students. Below I am showing some pictures of a random selection of works, which struck me for their originality or for the ideas behind them. You can see the first 20 works (among which are some quite surprising videos too) at the following links:
- #1 : Sub-Lime
- #2 : Symmetries
- #3 : The Universe Between My Fingers
- #4 : Canvas Installation
- #5 : Toward the Boson and Beyond
- #6 : The Particle Garbage Accelerator
- #7 : Light's Perspective (video)
- #8 : The Pleasure of Discovery
- #9 : CERN on a Tabletop
- #10 : RiveliAMO
- #11 : The Whole and the One
- #12 : The God Particle
- #13 : The Collision
- #14 : The Higgs Boson Symphony (video)
- #15 : Untitled
- #16 : The Order of Chaos
- #17 : Eye
- #18 : Spots of Light
- #19 : The Human Machine
- #20 : Untitled

I do hope you stop by and comment on the works you like the most !


Tommaso Dorigo is an experimental particle physicist, who works for the INFN at the University of Padova, and collaborates with the CMS experiment at the CERN LHC. He coordinates the European network AMVA4NewPhysics as well as research in accelerator-based physics for INFN-Padova, and is an editor of the journal Reviews in Physics. In 2016 Dorigo published the book “Anomaly! Collider physics and the quest for new phenomena at Fermilab”. You can purchase a copy of the book by clicking on the book cover in the column on the right.