This is to mention several interesting articles summarizing the presentations given today at the Neutrino Telescopes conference in Venice:
Gravitational Waves: a New Era in Astrophysics Has Begun- A Neutrino Platform
- Overview of the DUNE Experiment
- Poster summary: Neutrino masses and ordering via multimessenger astronomy
- HyperKamiokande
- Poster Summary: Double Calorimetry System of the JUNO Experiment
- Theory and Phenomenology of Leptonic CP Violation
- Phenomenology of Three-Neutrino Masses and Mixings
- Status of Super-Kamiokande
- Results from NOvA
- Results and Perspectives of T2K
- Status of Daya Bay
- Status of RENO
- The Double Chooz Experiment

I hope you will visit the site and read about the recent advance in the field of neutrino physics!