The Poster session of Neutrino Telescopes XVI will take place tonight in Venice, at the first floor of the beautiful Palazzo Franchetti. Poster submitters have produced excerpts for the conference blog, so you can also get a summary of the presented results. 
The blog offers sixteen excerpts:
  1. CALDER: Cryogenic light detectors for rare event searches 
  2. A novel spectrometer for neutrino experiments
  3. Searches for short-baseline neutrino oscillations with the T2K off-axis near detector
  4. Appearance of rare physics phenomena in the Opera experiment
  5. Muon and neutrino energy reconstruction from Km3Net
  6. Borexino, from the sun to the earth
  7. A Km3Net prototype
  8. Search for sterile neutrino mixing in Tau neutrino appearance with the Opera detector
  9. Reconstruction of spallation neutron kinematics in antineutrino detectors
  10. A new method for energy measurement of electromagnetic showers for the detection of tau to electron decay in the Opera experiment
  11. The key role of nuclear physics for the neutrinoless double beta decay
  12. Neutrino physics with the ShIP experiment
  13. Search for ultra-high-energy neutrinos with ANTARES
  14. HOLMES, an experiment for a direct measurement of the neutrino mass
  15. The Ginger project and the status of the ring-laser at LNGS
  16. Determination of supernova direction in a liquid scintillation detector