Am following the Neutrino Telescope conference in Venice, which started yesterday in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Franchetti. For once I am quite happy to walk to work -different from the usual hour-and-something commute to Padova, where I have my office in the Physics Department. But I am not idle: I have been producing reports of all the talks at the conference, in the conference blog site.

Here is a list of pointers to the talk reports:

- A Tribute to Milla Baldo Ceolin

- Carlo Rubbia: A Millimole of Muons for a Higgs Factory

- Solar and Geo Neutrinos in Borexino

- Hiroko Watanabe: Results from KamLAND

- Yoikiro Suzuki: Report from SuperKamiokande

- Karol Lang: Selected Results from MINOS

- Giovanni De Lellis: Opera Results

- Sterile Neutrino Search with ICARUS

- Eligio Lisi: The Electron Neutrino as a Superposition of States

- Atmospheric Neutrinos: Overview and Opportunities

- Double Chooz: Results for Theta_13

- Results from Daya Bay

And then, of course, in the same blog are also appearing the reports of talks from today's morning session... Stay tuned for more interesting discussions !