From March 15th to March 18th I will be following the NEUTEL 11 conference, which conveniently (for yours truly!) takes place in Venice, in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Franchetti (see picture below).

NEUTEL (first bulletin here) deals with results in particle physics and astrophysics produced by, or in connection to, neutrino telescope experiments; the most recent advances in the theory of neutrinos, astrophysics, and cosmology will also be discussed by eminent theorists.

I attended the last two editions of the conference and I was always delighted by the high quality of the presentations and the interest of the topics. I blogged about the most interesting talks (from my very own perspective) in a series of posts (I am too lazy to produce a list, but search the site for posts in March 2008 or 2009...)

This year the conference has been considerably made more "a' la page" by the organizers, who also decided to install a conference blog... And the manager of the blog is of course nobody else but me. I will be helped by distinguished colleagues, such that we may cover most of the talks and discuss the most interesting results and questions.

The blog has just started, and I expect a few interesting posts on preliminary considerations by the contributors in the next few days. Please have a look at the site, and if you can, publicize it! It is in fact my opinion that these initiatives should be encouraged in all ways.