Just a very short post here to mention Marni Dee Sheppeard's guest post in the brand new NEUTEL blog, the blog of the Neutrino Telescopes 2011 conference, which will be held in Venice from March 15th to March 18th, in the beautiful setting of Palazzo Franchetti, on the Grand Canal. Marni discusses the connection between MINOS results and CPT violation.

Marni is known by aficionados of this blog since she often comments my posts, and has published here already a couple of guest posts. But since a long time she has kept a blog of her own, now recently renovated. The blog contains hundreds of short lessons where she discusses category theory and her own research on topics that some label as "bordering the crackpottery", while others find quite interesting. Don't forget that Marni has a Ph.D. in Physics and she worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Oxford University. She is currently in search for a position, so if you have one open for a researcher in quantum gravity and other unsolved theoretical issues, give her a call.