Yes! Science is finally wiggling its way in to that sweet spot of American culture, television. Exhibit A: the Emmy nominations, announced today. I've never paid attention to this before but was suckered in by a headline about Family Guy (the first animated series since The Flintstones in 1961 to be nominated as best comedy series) and happily discovered nods to science among the nominees.

Just some of the nominees from popular programming related to science:

- Bones (mystery + forensics + David Boreanaz in a great role for him = educational guilty pleasure)
Big Bang Theory (theoretical physics + inherently awkward scientific personalities = high comedy; Jim Parsons got a nod for oustanding lead actor, and I love the theme song)
- Breaking Bad (chemistry + drug dealers + Bryan Cranston = excellent drama)
- Battlestar Galactica (ok, fine, this is science fiction)
- Dexter (psychology and forensics - ok, a stretch, but such a great show, and Michael Hall gets a nomination for oustanding lead actor)
- Mythbusters (who doesn't like blowing stuff up?)

There's the odd science-ish program, like CSI or Grey's Anatomy, on the list too. Robot Chicken (Star Wars Episode II) also received a nod for oustanding animated program. Grab your lightsabers, folks, we're going mainstream!