Happy New Year, and welcome to the first "Where on Google Earth" (WoGE) of 2011.  I was shocked to find out that my guess at WoGE #245 was correct, (Plymouth, Montserrat being the most post-apocalyptic looking place I could think of) so it is with great pleasure that I present WoGE #246.

For those of you new to this, the rules are simple.  The winner is the first person to correctly guess where the picture below is from, and to post a comment with the location (name or latitude/longitude) and a brief description of the geology of the region.  The prize?  The chance to host WoGE #247 on your geoblog (and if you don't have a geoblog, the chance to start one up)!

Hopefully this will not be too difficult, but I won't invoke the Schott Rule.  I particularly like the way half the photo is in winter, and the other half in summer.

Where on Google Earth #246
WoGE #247. Click for a larger version.

We are indebted to Brian Romans of Clastic Detritus (then blogging as "…or Something") for the creation of this format.

Happy hunting!