Meteorites - stones that fall on Earth from space - are quite rare, but not so much as to make their possession impossible. In fact I know a few collectors of these strange bits of matter; and I find the very strange-looking stones quite fascinating. I myself own a small piece of tectite fallen somewhere in South Africa a few decades ago; but it is just an odd bit in a larger collection of minerals and crystals that formed on Earth (yes, I find those even more fascinating; but that's just me).
One of the biggest collectors of meteorites in Italy is also one of the true experts on the matter, Maurizio Eltri. I happen to know him since the birth of the AAV, the Venice Amateur Astronomers association, in 1976. He is active in science outreach, and always eager to explain the multitude of information that we can collect on the genesis of the solar system through the study of meteorites.

Recently Maurizio has decided to put on sale some samples from his collection; and he has also tried to produce manufacts containing pieces of meteorites which are meant to further distribute the interest on the matter, using his crafting skills with wood. I find his activity commendable, so I decided to advertise it here... You can own a piece of space on a nice stand like the one on the right for a really reasonable sum - less than what you spend for a pizza and beer. If you are interested, please visit his web site.