A periodic backup of my mobile phone yesterday - mainly pictures and videos - was the occasion to give a look back at things I did and places I visited in 2014, for business and leisure. I thought it would be fun to share some of those pictures with you, with sparse comments. I know, Facebook does this for you automatically, but what does Facebook know of what is meaningful and what isn't ? So here we go.
The first pic was taken at Beaubourg, in Paris - it is a sculpture I absolutely love: "The king plays with the queen" by Max Ernst.

Still in Paris (for a vacation at the beginning of January), the grandiose interior of the Opera de Paris...

In February I visited the rooms dedicated to my father at the library of the University of Venice. Here are available to students 20,000 books we donated to the University when my father died in 2006.

In March a family gathering for the 90th birthday of one of my aunts, Idania.

In April I went to Rome to discuss with INFN colleagues about "What Next", on the research directions after the Higgs discovery.

Back in Padova, I witnessed the blossoming of cherry trees - the flowers make Via Fusinato pink!

In May I submitted my application to a position of Associate Professor in Padova. The position was won by a candidate with half my titles, publications, and experience; but you know how those selections go...

Soon thereafter I went to the Elba Island to attend a INFN workshop, again of the "What Next" series. The pic shows the hotel overlooking the enchanting bay of La Biodola. But we only had one good day of sun of the three I spent there...

Back home, a new entry: Jacques, 2 months old, a Papillon dog (Epagneul Nano), joins the team!

At the beginning of June I went to Erice, Sicily, to give a talk at a School of Science Journalism. This is the view from the conference hall.

Later I left for a vacation to the enchanting island of Elafonisos, southern Greece. Here I am on the ferry bringing us there, with Filippo and Ilaria.

The water in Elafonisos is unbelievably blue!

Just a nice sunset...

Back in Venice, with Kalliopi and Jacques.

And back to Greece at the end of July - this is the pink colour of the sand of Elafonissi, south of Crete. I was there for a conference.

In Chania Kalliopi sung a few opera arias to introduce Dimitri Nanopoulos' public conference.

At CERN in September - here's John Ellis speaking at the main conference hall.

Granada in December, at the Alhambra. Great place. I was there for a seminar.

Tulum - vacations in the Mayan riviera, before a conference in Miami.

Akumal - you can see this panorama better here.

Back home, my dog awaits me in front of the door...

Finally, some skiing near Cortina!

And a visit to the place where we might organize our dinner party at EPS 2017... The same room where Robert de Niro brings her loved one in the famous movie "Once upon a time in America"...