Three deserving, outstanding scientists have won the Nobel of medicine. As a footnote, Blackburn's outstanding career has included dismissal from Bush II's bioethics committee over her dissent on the Bush administration's stem cell policy. Telomore biology is interesting and important and relevant to cancer, but personally I think Jack Szostak's work on the origins of life is even more interesting. On my hard drive I've got a folder labeled 'Szostak', whose contents include these interesting studies: 'Synthesizing Life' (a review, subscription required) 'Functional proteins from a random-sequence library' (One of my favorites, subscription also required here, but there is free access to this related paper.) 'RNA Catalysis in Model Protocell Vesicles'. 'Informational Complexity and Functional Activity of RNA Structures' (Also try this one, which is open access.) So while reading the coverage of the science that led to this years' Nobels, go check out this other interesting dimension to Szostak's career. Read the feed: