Watch the videos in this YouTube channel carefully: and you will realize that the people being mowed down in the street are by and large kids, 35 and younger.  Young people, students wearing hipster clothes.  They are dressed like us.  Wearing the same shoes as us. 

Remember the days when you were young, probably growing up in suburbia, or the city, trying not to get caught smoking cigarettes, or paying that homeless man to buy you a bottle of liquor.  Hoping the cops didn't catch you in the act and throw you in jail.  Imaging having to watch your back not only to drink and smoke, but also for saying something, anything that might be interpreted as unpatriotic, as not supporting the government, by anyone -- even people who hate you.  And instead of getting pulled over and forced to hire an expensive lawyer and pay a hefty fine. You'd have snipers posted to your building, with instructions to kill you next time they see you.

And if you got mad and got together with a bunch of friends and threw a party when your parents weren't home, they might roll out the tanks on you and demolish your house. 

For those who are uncertain about whether we should be doing what we're doing in Libya, watch those videos carefully.  We are not helping a bunch of gangsters who wear headscarves and cover their faces while brandishing AK-47s.  We're helping Kids hopping around in Keds, praying to God that America bombs the shit out of those tank formations, and destroys the airplanes shooting at them.   All of them are not certain what to do, and nearly forlorn when they were shooting at gunships in the air with rusty old bullets, and getting bombed and blown to pieces by artillery.

Obama and Clinton Saved the Kids.  That's why they didn't inform congress.  They didn't have time to wait for them to get back from their Spring recess. 

Please write your congressman and tell them to support the president, who has just performed his first truly Brilliant Act.