I have read many works about black holes and one thing is possible to say for sure: nobody knows what really happens inside a black hole. There is a lot of theories about that. But they don’t have any scientific corroboration once nobody can see what happens in the center of the black hole, in a place called “gravitational singularity”, because even the light can escape from its incredible gravitational force.

However, we can use the imagination and the available knowledge in the field of atomic framing of matter, to create more verisimilar theory about the structure of the called “gravitational singularity” of a black hole, instead of imagine some kind a space-time tunnel.

Despite its invisible interior, a black hole may reveal its presence through interaction with matter orbiting the event horizon. For example, a black hole may be perceived by tracking the movement of a group of stars that orbit its center. Alternatively, one may observe gas from a nearby star, for instance, that has been drawn into the black hole. Its also possible to see a black hole that “eats” a star it self completely. So,
considering the Einstein’s formula E=MC2, that shows matter as “frozen” energy, we can imagine that the power of a black hole gravitational forces makes possible to energy and matter to be drawn into a black hole and cohabit the gravitational singularity in some kind of equilibrium.

So, gravitational singularity is a place in the universe where energy and “frozen” energy can coexist. Its something like that: E/M = C2. But how could it be possible? We can imagine a place where gravitational field are so strong that creates the collapse of the atomic structure of the matter; where matter and energy were put together in a proto nuclear arrangement, that’s open the possibility of reunion of the four forces – nuclear week, nuclear strong, electromagnetic and gravitational. That makes possible very very high levels of density, impossible within the atomic and molecular structure of matter that we know through the rest of the universe, in stars or planets, for example. I think it’s a good theory and its much more verisimilar than others that I have read about. You may disagree, and I respect that. But think about. Isn’t possible?