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A Doctor's Take On Hillary Clinton's Bill Of Health

Democratic Presidential contender Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail after the 68-year...

CRISPR-Cas9: When A GMO Is Not A GMO

The genome editing technique known as CRISPR-Cas9 (1) has taken the biology world by storm. Initially...

People Who Fidget Are Healthier

As more people live sedentary lifestyles — and a growing body of evidence shows that sitting...

Any Way You Gene Silence It, Simplot Is A Better Potato - But Will People Buy It?

Lovers of french fries, rejoice: the new, non-bruising potato made by Idaho food giant Simplot...

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 Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co.Natural American Spirit has discovered how to gain market share; tout the organic, all-natural status of its product.

It must be healthier, right?

Not when it comes to cigarettes, but it has been very good strategy for the company to do what organic food and soap corporations have done so well - frame the discussion so that their process seems physically and ethically superior to "conventional." 
 Spies program at IWM London There is a dark undercurrent to Indiana's school culture, according to a recent statement, and it's created a secret smuggling web where young children acquire and trade illegal items.

The good news: The illegal items aren't marijuana or heroin.

The strange news: It's salt.

 Nutrition experts acknowledge that when it comes to the human body, there is no difference between sugar naturally found in foods and that which is added by manufacturers. That is, the body metabolizes sugar from colas the same way it does sugar from orange juice (yes, even organic orange juice). So why add a line to the ‘Nutrition Facts’ label that specifically cites the amount of added sugars? There’s no good reason that we can see, but that’s what the FDA plans to do.

fat-shadow-man-949285-mA total of 25 states weigh public school students to monitor obesity rates. In 10 of these states, parents are then notified.

Pregnancy Close-upFemale fertility begins to decline at an accelerated rate after the age of 35—however, more and more women are delaying having children for several reasons, including pursuing careers, having not found the right partner, and simply not being ready to have children. The age of first birth for women in developed countries is now near 28 and the birth rate in the USA is at an all time low.

Perhaps some day, 3D printers will be spitting out replacement organs made from your own DNA, and like Amazon.com, they will show up in your “mailbox” an hour after you order them.