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PesticidesIt was Monday’s “big” health story, or so we were told.

According to CNN, there’s now an established link between the development of childhood cancers, primarily leukemia and lymphoma, and the use of pesticides.

Sounds scary, maybe even real. But does the science hold up? Maybe, maybe not.

Make that, probably not.

Should the government tell you what mayonnaise to buy?

Liberals and conservatives would probably agree that freedom is paramount when it comes to sandwich spreads, this is America, after all, but everyone across the ideological spectrum would also agree that some common definition of terms would be called for if someone brought a “cake” and it turned out to be a “vegetable loaf.”

We want drugs to get better and we don’t want them to be just for the rich. Health care, in much of modern America, has become a right rather than a luxury so a country that is fine with overpaying for a phone is less inclined to have gaps in health care quality.

People want Apple and Samsung to make money so the companies are motivated to create the next great phone. If Apple is the most highly-valued company in the U.S., they earned it and if you want their new iPhone 6s first, you pay the price, even if the new features are negligible.

It’s about time. The FDA is cracking down on the sale of a natural substance that most of us consume every day. It is the chemical caffeine, and it’s the “energy” in energy drinks. (This is a misnomer. They should be called “drinks that do nothing until a chemical stimulant is added.”)

We’ve been saying for years that the anti-GMO folks haven’t a scientific leg to st

dinner-at-mcdonalds-1440401The War on Fast Food hasn't led to the health care bonanza overzealous regulators assured us would result - but that hasn’t stopped them from opening another front on Happy Meals.