Applied Physics

Halloween Science: What Elastic Response In Chewing Gum May Mean For Bioactive Ingredients

A new study sought to analyze the chewing nature of four types of gum bases and along the way determine bubbling capacity also. Gums are generally oils, resins, and elastomers generally held in pleasant form by the gum base.  So gum base is important to m ...

Article - Hank Campbell - Oct 16 2023 - 2:46pm

A Simple Design of High-frequency Seismic Data Resolution Filter

Seismic sections are usually subjected to some processing sequence for noise reduction. If the noise has appreciable energy outside the frequency range of the useful signal, these sequences are effective and if accurate NMO and STATIC are done, data clust ...

Blog Post - Daisi Komolafe - Apr 2 2024 - 2:05pm