One sometimes gets frustrated reading our Daily/Sunday Telegraph.  So many of their columnists, and those who comment on blogs, think that "Global Warming" is a man-made political scam, a another appendage to the giant bloodsucker that is the Treasury, and a gravy train for politicians.

Christopher Booker is a columnist who has been always on the lookout for new regulations enacted by the EU, and those in the UK who over-zealously apply them.  Alas, he is among the global warming sceptics.  Now read this letters column, not all of it, but using the search string Scientific spectacle.  Doesn't it make the US citizens among you think of Benedict Arnold?

The BBC has long had a fanatical horror of product placement, not even allowing the label of a Cola bottle to appear in any of its productions.  Now there are suggestions that this might change.  The last letter in the same column is amusing.