From May 31st-June 3rd, 2015, U.C. Davis in northern California will play host to the 2015 Biotechnology Literacy Project (BLP) Boot Camp.

It's a jam-packed event on the state of the science and cultural aspects related to food and environmental issues. 

I'll be part of the Journalism Roundtable on Sunday, the 31st, and then moderating a panel on Monday related to chemicals and the environment.

On June 3rd, they will also have an on-stage "cook off" comparing various food processes. I will go back for that and bring a bucket of quinoa and kale and say 'here, I challenge you to make something palatable from this'. No one is winning that bet.

Sponsors are Genetic Literacy Project, Academics Review, the World Food Center Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy and the University of Florida.