What's this? Rich people more affected by inequality than poor people?

Yesterday I mentioned David Cameron's plan to introduce a national happiness index in the UK. This...

David Cameron To Introduce National Well-being Measure In The UK

This has been hitting the news a lot over here.  I'll probably write more about this as I...

Money And Pain

Some researchers have proposed that, because people can get through money certain things they can...

The impact of 9/11 on American character

Let's have some fun and pick apart a paper (try saying "pick apart a paper" 10 times fast!)The...

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Not long ago, many scientists had the belief that after the age of about three, the brain was pretty much fixed in function. You could imprint new memories and learn new skills, but that was about it.  There was an opposing belief too, that said the brain was a 'blank slate' upon which the various human parameters were written almost ad lib as life went on - an idea, of course, that Steven Pinker refuted in his famous book of the same name (Pinker, 2002).