About Warren I am Warren Davies, a freelance writer and former psychology student. I am male, and have been my whole life. I became interested in psychology many years ago, because I thought if I could understand the human mind, I'd be able to get the chicks. When I looked more deeply into the subject, I realised I'd been had! Psychology is completely different from how it is portrayed on TV - something which I now find immensely irritating. 'Real' psychology, it appeared, was all about hypotheses, statistics, analysis, bickering, and scavenging for funding. Science, basically. Luckily I found that I actually liked academic psychology. In fact, my favourite module in my degree was research methods! Seriously! And yes, I have been told to seek professional help many times, if you were thinking of mentioning something to that effect. I finished my bachelor's last year at the University of East London with a 1st, and I'm starting a master's in positive psychology at the same institution this September, which I'm looking forward to. At the moment, I (still) spend most of my time trying to figure out how to get the chicks, but in my spare time I also work in sales and write for my blog, I'm currently studying positive psychology at UEL. During my studies I've noticed there's a lot of stuff in psychology that people would find interesting or useful, but they don't get to hear about. So the stuff I write focuses on getting that information out to a larger audience, in a more digestible form. By the way I know the banner has nothing whatsoever to do with positive psychology!! I wanted a personalised one though, maybe I'll change it later. Photo credit goes to: Keven Law, the full pic is awesome. And if you can tell me what's special about the font, I'll be your friend forever!
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