Someday ,when the building block thoughts of the mind, the picture thoughts Temple Grandin wrote about and the ones high functioning autistic people build upon are generally known about , common sense will be common for every one. In fact it will be able to be "learned".

Man's mind (if we are right) is one big photo album that talks. The picture toughts that make us function do everything from mr/dd type of thoughts to indeed the Einsten things. There are several sections of the mind (the picutre thoughts that play below the surface of the mind all the time) that are dedicated to social interactions and even speech. If Psychology knew of them ,no kidding, part of 6th grade could well be a course on common sense.

I know this sounds like hogwash and totally impossible, but I ask, have you walked a mile in our shoes? Have you came up from the bottom of the gene pool and learned the autism thought process (picture thoughts) on your own? Have you learned and seen and felt the one -by-one thought s build and form new thougths? Have you  seen the very labored and intense process of getting picute thoughts to words to be spoken develop? (parriots use the same thing we do!)

Have you experienced all of this being figured out and the result of the figured out short cuts being NORMAL thoughts?  You automatically do normal rememeber.

Do you realize humans no matter their backgrounds or langages they speak all use the "99 conversations" of life?  As we (Autisitc) learned to be social we had to learn the patterns of people's speech so we could picture think internaly ,hold eye contact keep optic vision on, and keep up with things. Once we pull off that trick we present ok, even normal. I suspect the truly normal mind does the exact same thing we learned to do but ,It was automatic for you, natural for you. 

Who ever thought common sense could be learned?Set that genuis down and tap into the psychology road map of the mind ,reset, flip a few of his, her switches and indeed common sense and genuis could flow together.  If people knew the sub level picutre thought of the mind and how they all build and interrelate to  each other and then form our normal state of being all of this would make perfect sense.   Of course it has never been in a text book before, and those of us discovering it are the "retards" research is researching so we have no creditability. Then man thinks his mind is so "special" and so genuis but that is an illusion. One of the biggest dissapointments of my discovery up from the botom of the gene pool is the fact man is so primitatve, even to this day.

Humor, common sense tells me radical blog posts like this are not a real good idea, but there again someone has to stick their neck out and present the knowlege we earned over time. I  am just the one of the first in line to present the obvious, man is not expecting to hear. Just imagine the spam I can get from a post like this?   Rich Shull