Someday, when man knows the sublevel picutre thoughts of his mind that makes his mind operate he will be privilaged to know what old autistics like me have figured out:our mind. If man could hook monitors to our brain and watch the hundreds upon thousands of thoughts of our sublevel thoughts form, he would realize we think in pictures. With monitors connected to our brains he would see just how many picutre thoughts it takes to form a sentance, the hoops the mind goes threw to form speech. All of this is internal below the surface, unless your stuck on a topic and forced to say I can picture him but can't place the name.

As a high functioning autisitc person missing the rain man curse, I was one of the last to be able to totally figure out picutre thoughts and BUILD on the work of Temple Grandin. One issue I had was stutterng and dyslexia. Both are the exact same thing, I know that sounds like hogwash but its true. I was able to monitor my "communication" picture thoughts and see when I stuttered I had as many as 3-4or5 completed picutre thoughts ready to be spoken. However when I finally decided on the one to speak , the stutering quit. Hopfully like a psychologist of the future I was able to monitor my thoughts tap into them and "practice" the ones where I was converting picutre thoughts to speech. Once I honed them a bit the stuttering has nearly vanished. These thoughts are internal just below the surface. They are thinking in Pictures that Temple talks about and the lower level thought people do automtically. They are indeed short cuts and man doesn't know his thought is a shortcut condensed version of autism's long hand thoughts. Of course ,he does not know long hand autism thoughts either. 

As for the dyslexia, that is simple, think slide pojector. Our internal thoughts flip threw the photo thought album of life so fast that sometimes some are in the projector backwards or upside down. Again I was able to tap into my internal thoughts hone these flipped thoughts and cure a lot of dyslexia. 

Ironically some of my best innovation in my inventions or the design of the part , I really needed to invent was perfect when viewed with dyslexic thought. Humor, When I build it for real I'll never tell a soul it was ass backwards to start with.  

Rich Shull