Recent research done on a plants stem cells revealed an astonishing process that makes plants very unique. The group of stem cells found in plants help produce new tissue for the plant as it grows over time. A mutation in the DNA of these stem cells would be fatal to the tree for tousands of years. Now here comes the interesting part, researchers experimentally damaged the DNA of these stem cells and observed that the cells detected this damage and "triggered the death" of the cell itself. In result preventing the cell from creating damaged DNA over and over again. 
This is an unbelievable discovery and can lead to so many different avenues in research. Plants are so amazing, and can be compared to the human body in so many ways. And as we discover new things about the plant we can use it to discover new things about the body in result giving us priceless knowldge that can save lives all across the world. If we are able to solve this mystery of the plant's ability to detect the damaged DNA in its own cells we can apply it to a cancerous cell and become closer to finding a POSSIBLE diognosis/cure for the evil cancer. So go ahead all you motivated reasearcher, here's a new and interesting topic look into during your free time and who knows maybe you'll get closer to THE CURE.