The mind is a powerful thing. Not only does it allow us to control our entire body, but it allows us to also reason and solve problems facing the world today. It is said that we, as humans, use 10% of our brain power! If we are able to do the things we have done in the history of the world with only 10% imagine what we could accomplish with the other 90%. It is amazing to even think about all the possibilities that could happen if we had that ability. 

What amazes me more is how much of the brain can control our bodies without us even realizing it. Let me share with a true story; a pessamsitic man, who worked on railroads, was let out of work an hour early along with the rest of his co-workers. In the process of shutting everything down he had accidentally locked himself in a freight car. This car was not conncted to anything and was not running at all. The man suddenly realized that the car he was locked inside of was a refrigerator car. He tried and tried to get out but it was simply impossible; no one heard his screams or came to his recue. He eventually "freezed" to death, but the next day when the police examined the crime scene noticed that the car wasn't even turned on. The night the man died the temperature inside the car was 61 degrees[1].In his mind he thought he was going to freeze to death and believed himself. Isn't this amazing! Our minds are so powerful it can even kill us if we believe it. The mind will continue to be a mystery until we use our's to figure out one of the greatest puzzle of all time; The power of The Mind.

[1] - True story from the book "Your Best Life Now" by Joel Osteen