The stock market is full of surprises. It is constantly going up and going down, or sometimes staying constant. The market is the backbone of all major corporations, and determinds wherther the company is a successful one or not. Is there a science behind it all? The top money makers in the markets must have some type of common stratagy. Investors have been inventing new formulas and ways to beat the market since the market was invented. Some have been more successful then others, yet in the end they still made money. The most common stratagy and basic concept in the stock market is to buy low and sell high. Well now a days with the economy the way it is, it is very hard to do so. 

New developments are being made and new stratagies are being discovered to work. My theory is, is that there is no one single formula or numerical sequence needed to be successful in the market. All you need is great risk taking skills and the ability to see into companies and their plans; oh yea and you also need some money. I beleive that the current formulas and stratagies that we have today are due to others' experiences and ideas; its sorta like a guess and check. If one stratagy doesn't work then move on to the next one until you become a successfull trader. Of course there are the basics of trading that cannot be changed, but in the end its what you do with those basics that makes you the money or not. That's what I love about the market, it gives you so much freedom to either succeed or fail. I love that risk and challenge that is involved in every single moment of trading. You gotta have that mentallity in trading, if not then it is deffenitely not for you. Take up basket weaving :)