Though trial lawyers and the environmental groups that stand to benefit financially from more lawsuits are lined up to sue over 5G wireless using shoddy epidemiological massaging, it's a blatant lie to claim non-ionizing radiation is causing brain cancer.

Not "unproven" or other terms that coddle activists who trade in disinformation, it's a lie.

But aesthetics and a distaste for FCC bullying are fine reasons to object. Net neutrality is not the first time the FCC engaged in the kind of 'we are the government' tactics the IRS and the US Post Office engage in, anyone who tried to create a low power radio station and got threatened with jail knows it's a common tactic.

It's true that 5G will need 500,000 new small cell devices and if you don't want government telling you that you need a solar panel obstructing your bedroom view it's okay to protest this as well.

But too many groups are trying to wrap themselves in the flag of health concerns and that is bogus. Lawyers hoping to sue, and who used nonsense health claims promoted by celebrities, are why we have an anti-vaccine movement. We don't need a repeat of that debacle. Let the free market, the public, decide if they want 5G, not scaremongers who profit from undermining the modern world.