Since 1950, life expectancy has increased from an average of 46 to 73 years. Much of that is due to science, though you might not know it from accounts by activists and their political allies in corporate journalism. Medicine is better, food is more affordable, energy is more available at least, and the wealthy under solar panel schemes even get it free.

Cancer is down, quality of life is up, and that means more people thinking about a healthy retirement. A new survey finds that Americans feel so good about the future that they are retiring early, while in France the government caused strikes among government union workers when they told them they could no longer afford to have so many retire at 62 and needed to push the age back to 64. Future retirement at 62 would bankrupt the nation.

A World Economic Forum survey says 44 percent of under-40s want to retire by 60 but they may not realize that more government involvement in health care and other giant entitlements make that unrealistic. Even now, health insurance premiums suck up nearly 40 percent of monthly retiree spending, while actual doctor visits are only 15 percent and medication are 23 percent. 

Government encroachment is only going to increase so if most in their 30s can afford to retire by 75, they will be the elites.