Do you know someone who once got their child an autism diagnosis, mostly so they could do things like skip the line at Disney World? How about a medical exemption so they could go to school without an MMR vaccine?

If so, you probably live in a place like California or New York City. Rich people often stay rich by exploiting loopholes so they don't have to spend money. They are even happy to lose weight as long as the rest of us pay higher health insurance premiums - much the way they have gotten poor people to pay for their solar power subsidies.

Insurance companies have figured out that there are not suddenly tens of millions of new diabetics and the kind of concierge doctors who once gave away autism diagnoses and medical exemptions for vaccines are not suddenly jammed up with morbidly obese patients, they are wealthy people using it as weight-loss medication and simply want the rest of us to endure higher costs so they don't have to spend $1000 per month of their own money.

Supplement grifters - and they are nearly all grifters - never let money lay on the table so they've begun pushing berberine, which is only $60, and they claim is "nature's Ozempic."

It is, of course, a lie. Any supplement that can survive a double-blind clinical trial is no longer a supplement, it is legitimate medicine. Berberine does nothing like ozempic. It is fraud. But completely predictable fraud.

Their own trade group, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, can only even offer a 'promising metabolic benefits' claim for it. You know when your own trade group is timid about the product you want to sell, it really does nothing useful.

Unless you want to dye something yellow. It does work for that.