Fat shaming, slut shaming, you name it and someone is complaining that other people are being judge-y about we choose to live our lives. On Twitter the only things it is okay to shame in 2019 are Republicans, scientists, and vapers.

But is shaming underrated? In Aeon, Cambridge graduate student Louise Chapman tackles the kind of awkward question that cultural fundamentalists on social media circle with pitchforks and torches; if, as Immanuel Kant said, moral education is hydraulic and virtue rises to the top as shame suppresses our vices, then perhaps shame has under-appreciated value. Instead of spending time being lectured on how a sentence fragment like 'hey you guys' marginalizes apparently everyone except four old white dudes who have been hidden for their own safety, we should embrace more Stoic sagacity.

Or not. That is the great thing about philosophy. 

The value of shame by Louise Chapman, Aeon.