Are you more likely to buy salt if the label on it notes it is "Free of Nuclear Waste"? 

Don't deny it if you are one of the people who buys any of the 65,000 products that Non-GMO Project has sold stickers for, like salt. Not only can't GMOs be harmful, only a handful of foods are even made using that process, and yet it adorns tens of thousands of labels.

But awareness and truth are not their goals.

Like a "free of nuclear waste" sticker, Non-GMO Project wants you to think the food sold by their non-clients is harmful using the "nocebo" tactic - they want to convince the public the lack of something makes you healthier. Like nuclear waste, or unicorns, or GMOs, or ghosts. 

In his Food Processing column, Pan Demetrakakes says he once had a friend whose daughter needed reassurance the room was "ghost-free" and so her father did just that.

Big Unicorn wants to sell you irradiated unicorn meat so they can make money in their corporation buildings. We are ready to certify that your rock salt contains no unicorns. Please write for details on how much it will cost to certify that your food is made without industrial unicorn products. Organic unicorns will be allowed.

The child eventually grew out of it, but if you are still buying Non-GMO Project labels, your knowledge about science and food is firmly with the juveniles. 

If you still believe, please line up to pre-order my Non-Unicorn Project labels for your food brand.