A company named Arcflash Labs says they will sell you a Gauss rifle, an actual Railgun that uses electromagnetics to fire bullets.  
The U.S. Navy has been working on this for big ships for a while but this is the first time I've seen a handheld version sold to the public.

It sounds like science fiction but it's entirely plausible. The muzzle speed is low, you can't won't kill anyone with it, but you can shoot anything metal that fits. 

You don't need a weapons license. Heck, you don't even need an FCC license. It runs on battery and the frequency is too low for FCC rules to apply. The charger is a separate cost from the $4K purchase price, as is the magazine. 

They're now accepting pre-orders. Is this thing real? The list of pre-ordered things that never ship is long. We've been waiting 12 years for our TubeSat launch, but this is not one of those sketchy companies that advertise on Facebook so if you have the money and can wait at least 6 months, it could be the coolest science gun in your neighborhood.